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Web Design 2 - Redesign Commercial Website

Gantt Chart

Site Map
Client Website - Yong Sheng

- navigation bar got roll over effect, clear and easy to find
- grid system, easier for user to read
- content very clear

- over all color combination not very nice enough
- weird photo for home page
- the hamper place on top, not very nice

can be more interesting like add in some more picture and colors

- the photos of the product very attractive
- list out the price of the product

- do not have a title for every page, user might confuse where they are,
navigation bar also did not shown

Outlets and Contact Us can be combine together.

News a bit boring.
can show some content with the title, user can read a bit
and decide which news they want to read.

Competitor's website






- not consistent
- nice design for no.2 and no.3, if the background color are same will be better
- no.3 and no.4 color very outstanding, very attractive
- contact us can be in a web page, pop up a box not very nice


- very formal style, quality assurance
- reliable, trustworthy
- nice layout and navigation bar
- user friendly =)


- looks fresh and new
- reliable, trustworthy
- tidy web layout
- user friendly =)
- attractive web pages

Bakers Cottage

- color combination still okay
- not fresh and new enough
- overall looks old design
- navigation bar too long, hierarchy not obvious enough, will confuse
- not user friendly

Dai Thong

- very simple design but nice yet
- overall clean and formal
- reliable
- user friendly

Inspirative Commercial Website

- clear navigation bar
- interesting top bar design
- target audience : young people

- color mood very warm and comfortable
- navigation bar better align left
- page layout simple but nice, clean and clear
- target audience : young people

- the font of the navigation bar suitable enough
- mouse over effect
- background color light, the product more outstanding
- overall looks elegant

- play with spacing and transparency
- looks high class and expensive
- font size quite suitable, small but clear

- beige/ light yellow looks delicious
- brand new
- interesting navigation bar with graphic
- playful and serious
- photos very attractive
- content box quite nice
- more focus on 18 - 50 years old

- the combination of reminiscence and modern
- it looks elegant
- product very outstanding because of the background color

- pinky pinky very sweet
- looks commercial also
- very attractive, especially for girls

- navigation bar very tidy, feel good
- red tone for the background, white color for the font,
navigation bar very obvious and easy to read

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